Despite Weekend’s Heavy Rainfall, MWD May Cut Water Deliveries

Education_waterdrop.jpg It’s great to get rain like this past weekend’s. More than a foot fell at Opids Camp in the Los Angeles County mountains over the weekend, and we got 3.62 inches in the Hollywood Hills. Add to that the nearly 11 inches measured in San Marcos Pass in the Santa Barbara County mountains, and you’d think we’d done pretty well for ourselves. The truth is, all that rain did little to ease shortages, partly because we’re hugely dependent on imported water (such as from the Colorado River Basin) that has been reduced by “prolonged drought and court-ordered cutbacks.” In fact, a contingency plan to cut water deliveries could be activated as early as May.

The Metropolitan Water District is considering a contingency plan to cut water deliveries to its member cities using a new formula that critics contend favors faster-growing areas while penalizing older, poor communities.

The district’s staff is recommending the plan in case the agency, which serves 18 million people in six counties, is forced to slash water deliveries this spring in the event of continuing shortages.

The MWD is also considering rate hikes of 10% to 20% for next year, in part to buy more water to shore up supplies.

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