Vegan Map of LA Updated

<a href=”” The Vegan Map of LA (it’s a PDF) has been around a few years but the folks who make it possible–Rick Louis of and Josh H. of Food Not Bombs–have re-issued an updated version, what with the proliferation of vegan joints. Not all the restaurants are fully vegan, but those that aren’t do serve a worthwhile amount of vegan specialties.

I’m not vegetarian, but I really appreciate how creative and high-quality vegan food often is, so much that I often prefer vegan food over higher-end nonvegan food. High-quality, fresh, artfully-handled ingredients are necessary to make vegan food function, and it’s spoiled me such that I’ll take a salad at Elf or Pure Luck‘s jackfruit carnitas tacos any day over, say, the heirloom caprese salad with truffle oil at Dolce. (That salad was really quite lousy, sadly: the tomatoes were about as ripe & flavorful as at a Denny’s. I’ve NEVER had that problem at a vegan or a raw restaurant.)

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  1. Don’t know if Rick or Josh read these comment areas, but…

    – Cafe Vegan on Beverly has closed.

    Also, they should add:

    – Jax on Westwood Blvd., just north of Santa Monica. Very new vegan coffee house, with sandwiches. Not great (all the stuff looks like it was bought at Whole Foods and assembled at the restaurant), but OK.

    – Vinh Loi on Ventura Blvd. in Reseda. Vegan Vietnamese cafe and store. Tiny but very good, and they make their own tofu!

    – Chandni vegetarian Indian on Wilshire in Santa Monica. Been there for years. Why no mention?

    There’s actually a lot of good veggie Chinese and Indian places around the Valley, San Gabriel and West LA that haven’t been put on the map (Annapurna, Tea Shaker, Woodlands, Vegetarian Wok, etc.). Also two raw places have been skipped: Euphoria and Jade. I don’t do raw, so maybe they’ve closed… no idea.

    All in all though, a handy map.

  2. Oh – also, they should add the vegan-friendly Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, which for many years has been the go-to fancy restaurant for vegans and vegetarians.

    Foodeater: I’ve been to Orean many times and can vouch that it is all-vegan, unless you’re one of those pissy types who thinks that if a dish or two has a smidgen of casein in it, then the place can’t be called “vegan.”

  3. yeah, i recently learned that orean’s shakes contain dairy. rick maintains the map and welcomes your suggestions: veganmap at

  4. MTK, casein isn’t vegan. So yeah, if they use it, simple enough. It’s not a vegan restaurant. To advertise as a vegan restaurant would be deceptive.

    Nice map, though!

  5. MTK: Yeah, I’m one of those “pissy” types who when they call themselves vegan don’t eat stuff that isn’t. How can you vouch for a place vegan when on the one hand you just said that their ingredients containt casein, and when on the other hand, the restaurant in questions doesn’t even claim to be vegan? If something has casein or whey or any other sort of dairy ingredient, it’s not vegan regardless of whether you think that’s pissy or not.

    Orean doesn’t claim to be a vegan restaurant, just vegetarian, so I have no qualms with them as some others do. The only reason I brought it up is because they are listed on the map as a vegan restaurant when they are not.

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