LA Courts System Kicks Ass Yet Again

January 7, 2008 at 11:12 am in Crime, Driving, LA, Media, News

CJ.jpgIs there some critical bit of information, like, “Dave Reeves then produced a baseball bat and attacked the driver,” that I’m missing here? Because right now Dave Reeves, a columnist for Arthur magazine, is sitting in jail on a 30-day sentence for NOT REPORTING AN ACCIDENT. Judge Kirkland Nyby, if all the facts I read are correct and complete, you are an abysmal waste of my tax dollars. I’m calling on you to immediately, and without any delay, remove Dave Reeves from Men’s Central Jail, which, according to the LACSD website, “houses the majority of Los Angeles County’s high risk, high security inmates,” (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME)–and put someone there who actually SHOULD be imprisoned. Kirkster, if you have any confusion about who you should be focusing on instead, may I suggest you go here. Arthur posts:

“Dave Reeves was convicted of not reporting a traffic accident. The other driver was an SUV on his cel phone who inadvertently hit Reeves (who was driving a weak motorcycle) and knocked him over; the driver then swore and gestured aggressively at Dave. Dave got up and drove away with crazy SUV guy charging/yelling after him, trying to run him over. Finally Dave loses him. Dave doesn’t call it in because there’s no damage to his bike, he was the one who was hit, there were no witnesses, and he didn’t have license plate, year or make of the other driver. And also you don’t call in stuff like this from where he comes from (Echo Park-it’s a gang area where LAPD response time is slow to never, and bothering cops with trifling matters like this is a bad-to-stupid thing to do). Anyways other dude calls Burbank PD and says HE has been victim of hit and run. Etc etc. Actually goes to trial, prosecuted by the City of Burbank (Dennis A. Barlow, Burbank City Attorney -Telephone: (818) 238-5700 -Fax: (818) 238-5724), even though there are no witnesses. Damage to guy’s SUV is a pencil mark-sized scratch on front of SUV guy’s mirror, obviously caused by the SUV’s forward motion against Dave’s motorcycle. $200 in “repair.” Jury can’t believe this is a trial. Reeves admits he didn’t call Burbank PD. Jury has to convict, given judge’s instructions. Judge Kirkland Nyby gives max sentence. Reeves gets 30 days of community service which is 240 hours of picking up trash and abating graf. Reeves did 7 days by the deadline to complete the service. Nyby has now sentenced Dave Reeves to jail for the remainder of his sentence. Dave Reeves should not be in high-security jail with high-risk inmates for this trifling offense-and nor should anyone else.”

Seriously, am I missing something here? This sounds completely insane. While the pic of Reeves on Arthur’s website doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, this story inspires even less confidence in LA’s judicial system.

Tipped off by the adorable K-Rod over at LAObserved.

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