Is Los Angeles Made of Papier-Mache?

22190936.jpg Is this city made of papier-mache? Because it seems like a lot of it got very crumbly this weekend. Especially the roads. I went over many a pothole this morning between Rossmore and Highland on 3rd, on my commute to work. The far right side of the road has suddenly developed a bad case of missing road chunks. It was more than a bit surprising, all these mini-sinkholes on the road.

What’s the rain damage like in the rest of the city? Has anyone else seen any new crazy potholes open up?

5 thoughts on “Is Los Angeles Made of Papier-Mache?”

  1. While I have often seem similar results during past storms, my usual routes out here in the Valley seem to be relatively unscathed, thank goodness. No major potholes, beyond the ones that exist year-round.


  2. The lack of rain in the past several months have made the pavement more brittle, so once they have become inundated with water, the dry, brittle pavement has been weakened somewhat.

  3. My bike ride into work today across 4th street down La Brea and Redondo to Venice to Overland to Jefferson to Sepulveda across Centinela was the same as it has been.

  4. There are a number of cavernous potholes on Sunset between the 405 and PCH, one particularly nasty one in the east bound, right hand lane at Bundy and Sunset (which nearly took out my front end supension). To their credit though, the Bureau of Street Surfaces is working had to get them patched up.

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