Illegals costing LA County $444 million in welfare and food stamps

Illegal residents in Los Angeles County collected more than $37 million in welfare and food stamps in November – up $3 million since September – for an estimated annual cost of $444 million dollars, reports the Daily News citing statistics from the LA County Department of Public Social Services.

On a slightly related note, I visited my family in Connecticut over the holidays and made a point to visit Taco Bell because I just can’t resist me some churros and apple empanadas. But guess who was working there? High school kids! White high school kids! And then I met some family friends who made a living doing house cleaning. Also white. And middle class. I was reminded of the jobs I held before moving to Los Angeles – bagging groceries, bussing tables, and working as a barback. Friends made decent money landscaping and working construction and even babysitting.

All jobs that “nobody wants,” per the mantra in LA and other areas that benefit from cheap, illegal labor.

Back to the point: $444 million dollars a year spent on what amounts to fraud from the illegals who apparently didn’t even work at the jobs nobody wants. I don’t fault anyone for wanting to move to the United States for a better life, but these illegals are falsifying or stealing Social Security numbers, and leeching off money that could be spent better on police services, public healthcare, or any number of things… or better yet, possibly lowering California’s record high sales tax.

Jobs nobody wants? We’re also in a recession. The country’s unemployment rate is 5%. Maybe we can use some of that $444 million to help us afford to pay enough to make those jobs more attractive and, ergo, jobs legal residents will want and need.

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  1. You make me sick David. Is this your way of saying “Fuck You” to all the Illegal Immigrants in L.A.? Here you are acting like your getting the short end of this stick. People (Human Beings [have you heard of them?] are getting exploited here and all you can think of is all the money that went to welfare so some family can pay for groceries.

    If I were you I’d be very afraid of Karma.

    Now go stuff you face with 1 dollar Gorditas from Taco Bell.

  2. Where are my xenophobic attacks? I’m complaining about $444 million taken via fraud by illegal immigrants. This is language used by the County of Los Angeles.
    My “absolute” claim that there are no jobs an American won’t take is absolutely true. Perhaps the wage needs to be hire or the working conditions better, or – gasp – even eliminated. In the case of farming, maybe we need to import more product from other countries, even if it costs us more as American consumers.
    If my denseness comes from shortening “illegal immigrants” to “illegal”, my apologies.

  3. Who “wants” to clean toilets? It’s not a refection of what someone wants to do, it’s what they need to do.

    If I approached a white teen at a Taco Bell in Connecticut and asked him/her if they “wanted” to be mopping the men’s room, what would they tell me?

    If I approached an undocumented worker in the strawberry fields and asked him/her if they “wanted” to be working all day in the fields, what would they tell me?

    They would probably both tell me that they are working in the best job they could find or the only job they could find. They would probably tell me a paycheck is a paycheck. And they would probably say sure, if they could be paid better money for easier work, they would jump at the chance.


    This is getting frustrating. I said “THE terribly xenophobic attacks,” not YOUR xenophobic attacks.

    Also, you are NOT solely complaining about the $444 million frauded from the city. If so, again, WHY DID YOU TELL THE TACO BELL STORY? You are using this story, which still fails to tell how exactly the city knows that “illegals” are frauding the system (and not doing anything about it, apparently), to expound your beliefs about immigration as a whole.

    Again, do you just skip over all of our rebuttals of your use of the word illegals? You’ve not really addressed it at all, except to make the redundant point that there’s “no job Americans don’t want.”

  5. How do assume that those “PROJECTED” 444 millions were obtain by means of fraud?

    You can’t see your racist comment can you?

    quote : But guess who was working there? High school kids! White high school kids! And then I met some family friends who made a living doing house cleaning. Also white. And middle class.

    How do you know those kids aren’t Illegal Immigrants? CAUSE THEY ARE WHITE??!! You make me sick David.

  6. I stand corrected. I thought the number seemed off, but I calculated twice, and made the same error twice. Also, the number I used, 1.8 bil, was the number for “welfare” in LA, on city-data. That figure isn’t all the welfare in LA. Nor do I know if it includes food stamps, which are a USDA program. So, the actual figure is likely below 24%. (Still, this isn’t going to lower the sales tax.)

    This thread is pretty good. For one, I’m happy to see that a lot of misconceptions are getting cleared up. Reality is more complex than what news junkies can comprehend, and the underground society of people who come here without permission is even more strange.

    For one, the folks working at McDs in other states don’t make as much as in California, and in LA, these same jobs pay even more. There are some unauthorized workers at these restaurants, but, there are also Americans and people who have green cards. Also, some people who don’t have a green card are, in my eyes, as American as me, because they’ve lived here almost all their lives. If a child came over in 1990 and doesn’t have a card, I believe their 17 years tenure here qualifies them for a green card and citizenship.

    Second, though white people might work in low-wage jobs in other areas, the fact is, white folks in LA are a minority, and a relatively wealthy minority. So they do the middle class thing and go to college. The ones who are not so wealthy moved away after the defense cuts and the end of the cold war. The huge sucking sound… remember that?

    Third, the people most affected by Latino immigration are not White. They’re Chicanos or Mexican Americans. They end up in competition with the immigrants more than anyone else, and so they see their wages lowered. Then, after the Mexican Americnas, it’s Black people. Then it’s working class Asians in specific sectors, like gardening and un-licensed construction. Everyone else is kind of unaffected.

    Fourth, yes, they do the jobs Americans don’t want to do. In fact, I bet these immigrants would rather be doing other jobs, too! Who really wakes up in the morning wanting to pick crops for ten hours?

  7. the biggest problem is people who are here illigally send all our american dollars back to their countries

  8. ^^
    So true, because you know, people can exist here without purchasing anything to sustain themselves. and they don’t pay numerous taxes in the process, and they dont spend millions in shipping fees to wire money to their relatives.

    Other clarification to give this debate some context:

    European illegals were given blanket amnesties over a half dozen times in the late 1800s/early 1900s, the term illegal immigrant actually did not exist until the mid 20th century, many of those illegals are the descendants of white America.

    Border crime exploded only after the militarization of the border in CA and TX in the late 1980s. Before that, the migrants had no need to pay $2k to walk over the border a few hundred yards away from the checkpoint. Crime was much lower inthis region then, even with lawlessness from cartels much smaller than today. The militariziation of the border, in effect, caused the state of rampant crime existing today.

    Illegal immigration patterns from countries like mexico follow economic issues to a tee, many times these issues (or disasters) being supported by US interest and our government’s foreign policy. Devaluation of the peso in the 50s and 70s, NAFTA, indigenous oppression. It is so closely correlated that the ethnic makeup of those coming here mathces where and what crisis is occurring in mexico. Right now rightist president Calderon (supported by the Bush administration despite a questionable election outcome) is going full force with his “screw the poor/indios” policy, and right now poorer rural indios from southern states are becoming the largest share of illegals coming here. Same with the first urban illegals from northers states then becomig rural folks with the boom of NAFTA.

    The “terrorists can sneak over” excuse is completely illogical if one looks at illicit structure operating in the area. Becuase of the total control narco cartels have on these areas, and the fact that they do not want to bring a rain of fire upon their lucrative tade and territory. Things are so controlled and airtight that when MS 13 was even reported as entertaining the notion of terror related smuggling, cartels alerted the LA based mexican mafia which then put a green light out on the entire gang. it took a lot of politics to ge tthe green light lifted, no terrorists are getting thru in the south. And there has never been a southern border crossing related to terrorists to begin with, now Canada is a different story.

    Again, for the thick headed, almost every hard right politicians who has screwed over their poor citizens and been the catalyst for massive waves of illegal immigration was supported (and sometimes propped up) by the USA. Massive illegal immigration is the product of our selfish policies to our southern neighbors, and the chickens have come home to roost.

    Medical infrastructure collapse is the result of skyrcoketing medicine prices and practice insurance rates. Illegal immigrants not paying for their expenses is a tiny piece of the problem, a bigger piece being uninsured legal americans.

  9. LEZGULL1: Legally buying imported crap from China sends all our American dollars to China. Right now, If the export of money is the biggest problem, free trade is far more of a threat than illegal immigration.

  10. People there is no racism here, stop defending illegals (be they mexicans, blacks or europeans). If you feel so sorry for them give them half of your salaries and we won’t worry about welfare fraud. Would you prefer us calling them aliens?

  11. haven’t seen too many white dudes at the day labor site lately.
    nor teenagers for that matter…


    For all the “law & order” “breaking our laws” crap, please also spend your energy equally amongst prostitution, illegal drugs, and other tolerated “illegal” activities that cost us time and money…

  12. Closet racism is the new pollution. “Illegal Alien” is new the new N****er. Believe it. Tune in to any hate filled program on cable tv news and watch the caucasion news personality sneer with delight every time he gets a chance to be a degenerate bigot on TV by referring to Latinos as “illegals”, or having his guest say it over and over again. (I’m gonna count next time I’m watching one of those crappy tabloid shows on *NN)

    It’s never used to refer to the Emerald underground, or the British, or Canadian, Chinese, Korean, or Middle Eastern, which are a LARGE percentage of the “Undocumented immigrants” in this country(over stayed visas count) . (which by the way you sad person, the prefered nomenclature // Your a writer right? That was from the Big Lebowski, a line delivered excelently by the great John Goodman… IS Undocumented Immigrant)

    A quick fix people. Refer to “illegal’s” as “Undocumented” and we can all move on. I have no problem with that. “Illegal” thanks to that great shining example of Modern America, Pete Wilson indoctrinated that term, and it carry’s a stigma. It’s derogatory just like the N word. Thank you very much.

    It’s 2008 now, and there are still scary….Scary ass adults, who sit around and scream N888ER at people who they perceive as savage, and beneath themselves. What’s wrong? Are you that unhappy with your life? Remember what mothers tell their kids, everytime you point a finger at someone, your pointing three back at yourself?

    Are you serious? Undocumented immigrants are the problem with our econmy/ they’re milking welfare.

    You are misinformed sir, and you should do your research before hate bloggin away.

    Anglo-Americans, Nationally, are the greatest recipients of welfare, Census wise, and far above and beyond them, are the Corporate lacky’s that President Bush, a fine example of a Whiskey drinkin ex-cocaine snorting President deems fit to let suck on the American teet if you will.

    By the way like someone pointed out earlier. “Welfare” exists to help the people who need assistance. That’s what it’s for. Would you feel better if the people who recieved that money, were White Americans? Would it be okay then?

    A better question is what’s wrong with our economy, locally and nationally that we have such a great need for it.

    BTW, what would that buy us in Iraq, a bomb or two? Definitely not more body armor for our soldiers. If you sir are a writer, it frightens me, that you may put more fitlh out into our public conciousness via God knows what, childrens programming, sitcoms, scary prospects indeed.

    N888er, started out as a regular word in the dictionary, it was the sick minds and mouths of racist white men that made it a dirty hateful word, and undeniable fact. It’s the scared, dark hearts and minds of those people that created that pain, and that destruction. And before it’s said, this isn’t reverse racism, I’m just noting documented history..

    I have a head ache from writing this, and thinking about you, and who you are that you wrote this bit about “illegals”. Do I know you? Do I work with you? Have I ever had you in my home, around my children, over for dinner? Very disturbing and scary, cause I’m God damn positive you don’t walk around spewing your hate speech in the homes of people of color, because any sensible person would keep you and your poision away from themselves, and they’re loved ones.

    I am so unispired in my countrymen by you.

    Jeez…how creepy is it today? Good luck Obama.

  13. rdm- I grow my own food, make my own clothes,etc…. i dont buy shit from china take your argument somewhere else

  14. yea!!! i like beaners they make good tacos and pee on my lettuce in the field. just wash it off real good!!!!you will be fine

  15. “we are in a recession … when people get real concerned about which ethnicity gets jobs”

    :) Yup!

    All I have to say is that it is ridiculously hard to immigrate legally in America. Not to mention if you’re muslim, or kind of middle eastern, or a certain shade of brown, or have the wrong facial features. The “legal” immigration rules are bullsh1t, you basically buy your way in (lawyer fees ~$4000, other “processing” fees along the way, ~$1000) or you know someone who knows someone. I won’t bother with my parents’ or my own story, just take my word for it, it’s a long, hard struggle.

    Now on to the topic of illegal immigrants. Take your head out of the sand you robots and realize that it’s just an arbitrary term made up by a colonizing peoples who historically tend to take stuff by force (land, oil, etc). If I absolutely had to survive or have the chance to “sneak” in to a place with better living conditions and drinking water, heck yes I would do it. And you would too.

  16. Whether or not you agree with them, there do exist laws regulating the immigration of citizens of foreign states to the United State of America. If one violates those laws, he/she has committed an illegal act.

    Calling a group of law breakers “illegals” as a shortened form of “illegal immigrants” (in itself a potentially inaccurate term unless you can ascertain the immigrant intent of the non-compliant person – “illegal alien” is better, except people can’t check their dictionaries without jumping to X-File conclusions) – is fine.

    And man, is it silly and historically ignorant to imply that the U.S. holds some kind of special title for colonizing. Throughout human history we’ve been invading and taking things. Every color. Every geographic patch of land. Everything. At one point, all peoples have been both sides of the colonization coin. Period. That’s not a qualitative judgment, just historical fact.

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