Illegals costing LA County $444 million in welfare and food stamps

January 6, 2008 at 1:15 am in Immigration

Illegal residents in Los Angeles County collected more than $37 million in welfare and food stamps in November – up $3 million since September – for an estimated annual cost of $444 million dollars, reports the Daily News citing statistics from the LA County Department of Public Social Services.

On a slightly related note, I visited my family in Connecticut over the holidays and made a point to visit Taco Bell because I just can’t resist me some churros and apple empanadas. But guess who was working there? High school kids! White high school kids! And then I met some family friends who made a living doing house cleaning. Also white. And middle class. I was reminded of the jobs I held before moving to Los Angeles – bagging groceries, bussing tables, and working as a barback. Friends made decent money landscaping and working construction and even babysitting.

All jobs that “nobody wants,” per the mantra in LA and other areas that benefit from cheap, illegal labor.

Back to the point: $444 million dollars a year spent on what amounts to fraud from the illegals who apparently didn’t even work at the jobs nobody wants. I don’t fault anyone for wanting to move to the United States for a better life, but these illegals are falsifying or stealing Social Security numbers, and leeching off money that could be spent better on police services, public healthcare, or any number of things… or better yet, possibly lowering California’s record high sales tax.

Jobs nobody wants? We’re also in a recession. The country’s unemployment rate is 5%. Maybe we can use some of that $444 million to help us afford to pay enough to make those jobs more attractive and, ergo, jobs legal residents will want and need.

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