Gimme A Sign: URLs Of Wisdom

nup2.jpgThe most readable part of this sign (at right) tells me I’m in North University Park a neighborhood aptly named because it’s north of the University of Southern California in an area that’s bordered to the west and east by Vermont and Hoover (where this sign was snapped), and Adams and 30th to the north and south. From what I can gather this is an area in flux, torn between protecting its historic residential architecture and serving the housing demands of USC students. As is all too often in Los Angeles, the result has been the destruction of its past by the present. Where once stood a landmark home now stands a big box of apartments.

Be that as it may, it looks like efforts are being made to preserve what remains, which is great. But for the purposes of this post, it’s the ridiculously unreadable and ungainly website address at the bottom of the sign 12-14 feet up off the pavement that’s been making me laugh ever since September when it first caught the eye of Blogdowntown’s Eric Richardson, who did the community a great service in transcribing the URL in all it’s poorly planned glory (and linking to its corresponding five-year-old lifeless webpage):

But ho! It wasn’t until I took a closer look at this image I snapped last week that I discovered the fine folks at the City Planning offices must have taken Richardson’s rebuke to heart. Because unbeknownst to the public, they went and replaced the signs with one sporting a new URL. Sure, it’s still entirely unreadable but at least very much more transparent as to their intentions. See what I mean in the clickable close-up after the jump:

Click to doublify

8 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: URLs Of Wisdom”

  1. Went to the original website and saw the map of LA. Struck by the bizarre resemblance the shape of the city has to the shape of Illinois + that little piece of Michigan. Now that’s just weird and no doubt significant.

  2. That is frickin hilarious! Though, I don’t think the folks at city planning had anything to do with this. You’ll note the hardware used is non-city standard (using hose clamps to afix the sign to the pole), but a very clean job indeed. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. OK, I can’t stand it! Is the combination of my whacked humor and my mad photoshop skills enough that y’all are analyzing fittings and thinking this sign is actually posted/stickered or in any way real?

    Dang, I shoulda saved this one for April Fools Day.

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