Epiphany: How Will You Give?

We have come to the end of the 12 Days of Giving Series. Today is Epiphany. I hope with all you might have received over the holidays, you are grateful. I also hope that throughout our series of posts on giving you had your own epiphany about how you can make positive change in your community, your world and in your own life. If you’ve never volunteered perhaps 2008 is your year to try it. If you just don’t have the time, consider regular monetary donations to an organization you feel touches you by what they are doing for others. It doesn’t have to be a lot. All charities and organizations are grateful for all they receive. And your donation, even of a few coins, might just inspire a friend or family member to do the same. You never know what the true end result is of one small beautiful act of giving. Try it.

If none of our specific suggestions touched you, try a few searches of your own:
Volunteer Matching Los Angeles
L.A. Works
Volunteer | American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles
On Your Feet Project {Los Angeles}

If what you give is as simple as a smile to your grocery clerk or as complex as flying patients to and from treatment in your own airplane, we appreciate and admire what you have done. Keep it going! And you would like to share any thoughts or ideas you have on how will give this year, please share in the comments.

Happy New Year to you all!

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