No Screenings for No Country Country For Old Men is the newest Cohen Brothers movie, and it’s supposed to be the most amazing film of 2007/2008. Even if it’s not (I’m looking at you, There Will Be Blood), No Country has been setting “Top Ten” lists on fire all over the Internets. It’s been nominated for a bajillion awards and the Oscar talk just won’t stop.

So why the hell is it only screening at two theaters in LA? If you go to Yahoo! Movies, it doesn’t give you any theaters outside of one in Culver and one in Torrance. Google was a little bit more helpful, adding a few LA county theaters to the listing – including the Burbank 8 (not a great theater). I guess I could go to Burbank, but the Arclight is closer… Oh, but wait. You have to be an Arclight member to see the movie there. Okay. I’ll just sign up online. Uh-oh. Their online membership signup service is broken.

I’m gonna make the trek out to Burbank. I don’t want to have to pay fifteen bucks for a movie anyway, I don’t care how good it is.* But still, why can’t the studios cram the good stuff down our throats for once?

*Oh how you spoil me, New Beverly Cinema.

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  1. When there’s a “member movie” at Arclight it means you get a dollar off your ticket if you are a member, not that you have to be a member to go to the screening.

  2. yeah, i didn’t see the link where it said i could skip signing up for a membership. oh well. i’ll save six bucks on a ticket anyway.

  3. No No Country for Old Men for Non-Members… but anyway, No Country for Old Men is overrated.. and I’m a Coen Brothers fan.

  4. I’ve found that imdb is a pretty good and reliable site for movie screenings. I’ve got four theatres in my reduced list of convenient-to-me theatres to see the film.

  5. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but I’m stunned at the pervasive cluelessness of this post.

    1. It’s Coen, not Cohen.

    2. No Country for Old Men came out 2 months ago. You talk like it just opened on Friday and should thus be in 3000 theatres. We’re lucky it’s still around (thanks to the awards buzz, no doubt).

    3. The Arclight’s been around for almost 6 years and you thought all this time that it was a “members only” cinema?

    4. I’ve never seen anybody resort to Yahoo movies or to Google to find movie listings. Don’t you have a newspaper? Or know how to call Moviefone? (777-FILM in every area code in the country) Or at least go to or (which is where will redirect you)? If you did, you would have quickly learned that it is still playing in about 15 theatres around LA (including the Fairfax, just a mile west of your precious New Beverly, where all shows after 6pm are $6 and all shows before 6pm are a mere $3, so you can get your bargain).

    Seriously… You sound like somebody who only goes out to the movies about once a decade. I don’t mean to be so harsh, but your post was so plaintive and peeved that I think you deserve a little ribbing for not knowing what you’re talking about.

  6. You missed one, MTK:

    5) “why can’t the studios cram the good stuff down our throats for once?”

    What, like it’s up to the studios to decide how many theatres their films are still playing in after two months in release?

    It’s the exhibitors who decide whether to keep playing a film, not the studios.

    (And, how does that whole “studios cramming stuff down your throat” thing work, anyway? Do they strap you down in a chair and hold your eyelids open with mechanical claws, à la Clockwork Orange, or what, exactly?)

  7. Dear Cuhtter, Who the hell are these “Cohen” Brothers? Never heard of ’em.


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