First Parking Tard O’ The Year


I’m trying to understand the lack of logic here, but I’m failing miserably. Was this non-disabled (at least not physically) idiot actually trying to be considerate by defying the brightly striped order of the lot and taking only part instead of the whole and sole handicapped parking space behind B&B Hardware in Culver City? Was there some sort of angle confusion given the non-diagonal spaces in the next aisle? Was it not this driver’s fault but instead that of another who had already gone after parked the same way to the left? Am I asking too many questions?

There are two things I know. First, the rain was barely a drizzle so there was no need to park as close to the door and mad dash it inside as there was yet no risk of this wicked westsider being melted by the water. Second, this was no “back in a sec!” job. I was inside the store for about 15 minutes of my lunch hour yesterday afternoon and when I came back out, so did the camera to showcase this space cadet.

3 thoughts on “First Parking Tard O’ The Year”

  1. Sometimes I’ll pull the windshield wipers up and I know that freaks the drivers out. Being the center the universe, they assume other things have happen to their car ie: flat tires, sugar in their gas can, scratched paint, broken attennae. No asshole, its just you.

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