Fir Sure: Ghosts Of Christmas Past


There is a benefit to driving in L.A. this time of year. With the exception of whatever dumped Christmas trees can be seen around your immediate neighborhood you more than likely get on a major surface street and/or freeway and don’t have to witness how fuckingly legion are the numbers of citywide flagrants who because they are lazy and they suck kick their discarded arbors to the curb.

On a bike it’s an entirely different experience and on the ride home yesterday I didn’t have to look hard to find the above 12 trees I stopped and snapped. Had I opted to make a couple detours down sidestreets I probably could’ve come up with a dozen more. Thumbs-up to the tree-free sections of Culver City and Hancock Park that I rolled through, but middle fingers to those culprits around La Brea and Edgewood and along 4th Street east of Wilton Place.

And for anyone thinking about joining that scofflaw tosser nation remember Julia’s tree recycling post telling you there’s plenty of time this weekend to help take the ass out of Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Fir Sure: Ghosts Of Christmas Past”

  1. Les, that indeed would be nice. But I’d humbly request you consider the amount of man and equipment hours that would go into such a curbside tree recycling program here in sprawling uncivilized Los Angeles. That would be some major cha-ching.

    Last year some 80,000 trees were reportedly brought to the L.A. recycling stations and I’d wager that’s but a small percentage of the number of trees out there either left to rot on the street or properly interred in greenwaste bins.

  2. surprisingly no abandoned trees to report from my section of curb in los feliz…yet. normally we have a few to contend with until about mid march.

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