What’s My Motivation?

You probably have goals for 2008. You may or may not refer to them as resolutions.

While most of us choose not to broadcast our goals to the entire world, some people need that extra push. They turn to a site called 43things. Here, you list your goals, track your progress and talk with people who share similar goals.

Just for fun, I searched for goals matching “Be an actor in L.A.”

The amusing top 25 results, after the jump.

1. be an actor 330 people
2. actor 49 people
3. be a actor 44 people
4. be actor 4 people
5. to be an actor 10 people
6. an actor 6 people
7. a actor 1 person
8. to be a actor 1 person
9. to be actor 1 person
10. be and actor 1 person
11. LA 7 people
12. La 0 people
13. la la la 1 person
14. Be a better actor 20 people
15. be a working actor 11 people
16. become an actor 392 people
17. to be a film actor 4 people
18. Be a successful actor 17 people
19. I wanna be an actor 6 people
20. professional actor 1 person
21. be a professional actor 27 people
22. be a famous actor 33 people
23. be a voice actor 43 people
24. be an awesome actor 1 person
25. be a succesful actor 3 people

Other fun goals found on 43things:

78 people want to “Meet Paris Hilton.”

3 people want to “see the Raiders win a Super Bowl.”

1 person wants to “be more Hollywood.”

What 43 things do you want to do this year?

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