Truck accident on Highland at Hollywood Bowl


I passed this accident scene a little over an hour ago on Highland right in front of the Hollywood Bowl: a large truck on its side with a spilled load of gravel…

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According to one LAPD officer on the scene, they believe the driver lost his brakes. I made out tire marks coming coming down the southbound side of Highland and curving left towards the back of the truck.

A second, similarly sized truck was on scene, possibly to help recover the load.

Amazingly, this is an accident that could have wreaked havoc on traffic had the truck come to a stop on either side of Highland. I didn’t spot any other vehicles nearby, so hopefully this is a sign there was no additional damage or injuries.


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  1. I’ve long believed that drivers in accidents need to be fined proportional to the delays caused for all the people stuck in the traffic they create. It’d be something further added to the bill that you’d need insurance for. Let’s see if the commercial trucking industry wouldn’t figure out how to use less congested roads or start to lobby for usable trans-continental rail if they were forced to bare the full costs of their enterprise.

  2. Oh that is gonna be a mess. I’ve often thought the same thing AP. Besides being sent the clean up bill, they need to be held responsible for docked wages, late pick up fees at day care no name just a few.

  3. “I made out tire marks coming coming down the southbound side of Highland and curving left towards the back of the truck.”

    That is very interesting – and those may or may not be the truck’s tire marks. Or, there may be something wrong with the road there…

    This morning I was stopped at that light in front of the hollywood bowl, when I heard screeching – sliding down the hill and starting to jacknife was a long flatbed with some sort of box on it, it was some electrical&lighting company for movie sets. Anyway, it was coming right towards me at that exact spot. I quickly, and just barely, got out of my lane into the left hand turn lane. The truck was able to slightly straighten out into my vacated space and not jacknife. I was lucky that there was enough room between me and the car in front of me that I could quickly get out of the way.

    I wonder if that truck this morning, and this overturned truck, hit something in the road…a pothole or a slick patch or something.

    A very interesting coincidence.

  4. If it is any consolation, we truckdrivers dislike those roads as much as you- and as far as your part of the state goes, there is no such thing as a less congested road. In regards to the gravel truck and the flatbed, there could very well be a slick spot on the roadway, or it could simply be a case of the driver driving “Too Fast For Conditions”. A road with a steep grade is a condition, but after looking at the google map,it could be excess speed. Sack that truck herder if that’s the case.

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