Shock Us With Your Caucus!

Tony the Tiger is a terrible pimp.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Iowa hasn’t done much to help the former First Lady and New York Sentor, as Barack Obama looks to be the big winner for the Democrats in Round 1.

Huckabee Finn leads the Republicans.

By the way… this is for the election. You know, for the President. Of America. For all U.S. Americans.

3 Replies to “Shock Us With Your Caucus!”

  1. And let the pandering for votes begin. You work with what you can get in some cases. Other’s its really obvious ploy to get the hispanic vote. Have at it.

    Did anyone catch that a group in Sierra Madre is having its own “caucus” tonight so they can compare their results to what really happens?

    Another LA hook for the IA activities. It’s gonna be a wild year everyone just take their favorite reset button and not get worked up…as if that will happen. This is set to be one of the most wild races in ages and if the “perfect storms” from the special interest groups visit the 2 big conventions this could very well be the year that 1968 looks like a pillow fight in the streets.

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