10th Day of Giving: Work for a Nonprofit

Some of my blogging cohorts have already chimed in about how giving doesn’t need to be a seasonal phenomenon, and as this tenth day of giving draws to a close, I’m here to ask you, “Why stop at twelve days?” Along with the already blogged-about suggestions to drive in a more giving way or to whine less and help out more, I will add my suggestion to consider a job working for a nonprofit. True, such a career choice may mean you have to drive a late model car and give up those dinners at Urasawa, but hey, we all say we know that money doesn’t buy happiness don’t we? I admit that my career choices have been dictated in large part by the a kind of wardrobe PTSD contracted from growing up in Washington, DC where all women on the hill dress like flight attendants. I have always chosen jobs (small businesses, universities, nonprofits) where I could dye my hair lipstick red and wear leather pants if I really wanted to. At present I work in a nonprofit in the Valley, and not only can I come in to work at 10 and wear whatever I want (and decorate my office with snowglobes and dinette furniture), but more significantly, I can come to work every day knowing that what I do makes a positive difference in the world. My work saves lives. For someone who is prone to the periodic existential crisis, this makes driving a Scion really okay. So if you’re between jobs or craving a change, think about quitting corporate America and going to work for Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or the American Lung Association. It really will make you feel better about having to get up and go to work each morning.