Predict 2008’s dead, win tickets to see Siouxsie, without the Banshees, hits the Music Box stage on February 15th and 16th. (buy tix here)

Not to kick off 2008 with a total bummer or anything, we thought we’d give away a handful of tickets by inviting our readers to create their very own “dead pool.”

In the comments, leave a list of five celebrities who you don’t think will live to see 2009. Be sure to leave a valid email, because this gives you two chances to win:

1. We’ll randomly select two commenters on January 31st who’ll win a pair of tickets to their choice of either the Feb. 15th or 16th Siouxsie performance.

2. If by fate a name on a commenter’s list happens to kick the bucket by January 31st, they’ll instantly win a pair of tickets (up to three winners eligible).

Entry “deadline” is 11:59pm, January 31st. To be eligible for option #2, your list of picks needs to appear in the comments at least 24 hours before your pick’s time of death. Picks must be human, and to validate celbritihood their obituary must be carried by the AP, Reuters, or other reputable news source. Death row inmates ineligible if they die by scheduled execution.

10 thoughts on “Predict 2008’s dead, win tickets to see Siouxsie”

  1. My picks…

    Louis Farrakhan
    Mark Felt (Watergate’s Deep Throat)
    Ayatollah Khameini (supreme leader of Iran)
    Stephen Stills
    Albert Hoffman (discoverer of LSD)

  2. The Dead Pool for 2008:

    Dick Cheney
    Duane “Dog” Chapman
    Ray Bradbury
    Pervez Musharraf
    Francis Ford Coppola

  3. Gloria Stuart (Titanic actress)
    Ronald H. Coase (Economist)
    Dolores Hope (Bob’s widow)
    Gordon Hinckley (Head of Mormon Church)
    Dave Brubeck (Take Five musician)

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