ICME:cute cartoon and matching frame


It caught my eye : a cute little dinosaur cartoon then a matching plate frame.  Then I noticed the model is the “Alero”.  That was just about the last new car introduced by Oldsmobile before GM did a little corporate Euthanasia.  Have they been to Cabazon and fell in love with the dino out there?  Was the driver married to one?  Which was it?

pic by me with the trusty cell phone, doesn’t get bigger but if it did there would be no point.

3 thoughts on “ICME:cute cartoon and matching frame”

  1. i’m pretty sure that whomever owns this car would be pretty pissed to have their license plate number posted on the internet! it’s one thing if you are ratting out a crap driver that is doing something illegal…another if they are innocent. you could at least blur out a number or 2!

  2. Sheeesh…helen lighten up a bit, its out in public and fair game and likely seen by a few hundred people every day while they are running around.

  3. License plates are the LAST thing in the universe that can be considered private…they are visible to someone the entire time your car is somewhere other than a one car private garage.

    Don’t dilute the privacy fight by crying wolf

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