Broadcast message “Canine Distemper Virus” alert

My phones started ringing at 4:30 PM. It’s a recorded message from Monrovia PD advising that several wild animals have been caught in the foothills that carry the “Canine Distemper Virus”. The message went on to advise if you own a dog to make certain it has had the “CDV” vaccine as it is incureable and fatal. They advised that it is not fatal to humans.

They have additional information on the city web site HERE.

I would hazard the guess that this a problem for all of the communities in the San Gabriel foothill communities. Got a dog? Check with your vet!

One thought on “Broadcast message “Canine Distemper Virus” alert”

  1. Thanks for posting this Frazgo. I’m in Altadena, sandwiched between the outbreaks in La Cananda and Monrovia. I made the decision to quit vaccinating my geriatric dog a couple of years ago (he’s 16). But since we take daily walks in the foothills I thought this warranted a trip to the vet to weigh the pros and cons of updating his distemper vaccine.

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