8th Day of Giving: Yield

Giving. An easy concept to grasp, but so hard to make a reality in the day to day orchestration of our lives. Here at blogging.la, we’ve been highlighting the twelve days of giving with some amazing ideas about how to give more back.

When writing this, I thought a lot about how I give…. Or don’t, I must admit. I’m remiss in the ‘giving’ department. I don’t volunteer, I don’t give a lot of cash to charities, but I do have the desire to make my community a better place through giving. But I’m a lazy girl.

One of my biggest obstacles is time. So I thought, “how can I incorporate a simple act of giving into my daily life?”I give freely to those I love and my circle of friends and family, but I have a desire to spread more giving in my interaction with strangers.

I drive daily, so maybe that’s the ticket.

If every single person, starting with me, extended a simple act of giving in our daily commute, how would that change the experience of driving in Los Angeles? It’s as simple as slowing down in traffic to let that stranger who has been waiting to get in, get in. Stopping at the yellow light to let the opposite traffic turn. Simple courtesies, yet so rare.

I know it’s a bit Pollyannaish and simple, but I have a hunch if we all gave a little tiny bit in that direction. Or maybe if only 5% of people embraced this concept, driving would be a lot sweeter in this city.

Soooo, that’s my suggestion for giving on this first day of the year: give a little in that ride to wherever you are going and let go. Change the world. Or at least driving in LA!