8th Day Of Giving: Recycle Your Tree, Get Free Stuff*

*Free stuff that gives back.
Happy New Year! (Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.)

Here is an easy way to start the new year off right: take your Christmas tree to any one of the 13 designated drop off site this Friday and Saturday (January 5 and 6) and get a free tree to plant, a CFL bulb and a coupon to receive a load of mulch for your garden. The City of LA’s Tree Recycling Program is all about the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Your trees are turned into mulch, they give you a new tree to plant and a compact fluorescent bulb to replace one standard bulb in your house to reduce energy. Win Win Win! (If you have an artificial tree, then you can pat yourself on the back while folding it up that you have already saved a few trees. Good job.) New to the program in 2008: Drop off sites will also take your leftover wrapping paper and boxes.

Check the full list of drop off sites to find one nearest you. You can also drop off your trees to local fire stations (also included in that link/list) but they won’t have the baby tree, mulch coupon or CFL bulbs to give away.

If you can’t get to a drop off site (or don’t want to wait until then) you can dispose of your tree in your green bin and it will be mulched like the rest of yard trimmings, but there are a few rules. You must take off all decorations and tinsel and the like. The tree must be cut into pieces to fit into the bin. Most importantly, it is illegal to leave a full tree on the sidewalk or in alley ways. (They will not be collected.) Why is it illegal? Because they are a fire hazard and if you have been keeping up with Ruth’s Posts on Red Flags or have seen the news in 2007, you know how serious that is.

Drop-off Dates:
Saturday, January 5 and Sunday, January 6, 2008
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
City Of LA Tree Recycling
And you can always call 311 for more info.

More info after the jump.

There have been some negative stories about compact fluorescent light bulbs in the news in 2007: that they contain mercury and can’t just be thrown away in the regular garbage. These things are true, but they should not deter you from getting some (for free, see above) and using them in your home. When the time comes to replace a CFL (and it takes what seems like FOREVER for them to burn out) you can take them and any other household hazardous waste you may have lying around to a Hazardous Waste Collection site. Household hazardous wastes include dead CFLs, motor oil, old paint, pesticides, batteries, tires, old appliances, even expired prescriptions. There are six permanent hazardous waste collections sites through out LA county as well as specifically scheduled collection days and locations in 2008. (Check that same link for all info.)

And in terms of mercury poisoning from broken CFLs, read all about the truth and myths of this at either Snopes (my favorite myth debunking site) or Lighter Footsteps.

Give back to the earth and to your own bank account — switch out some light bulbs!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Interesting article. Here in outer monrovia you just put the whole tree at the curb on your trash day and the tree is picked up and binned with the rest of your yard waste.

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