TOR and People’s Republic of Pasadena Round Up

brokenrose2.bmpHere we go another round up of the activities surrounding Pasadena and the Roses Parade.  This year isn’t the first time that political issues in some form or another have entered the otherwise Calm and Festive Rose Parade.  What started a little event, that in the words of the TOR was for “former residents of the East and Midwest eager to
showcase their new home’s mild winter weather” has grown into a world wide celebration of the New Year.  In the process it has become an center where folks with a cause also want to use it to bring their concerns to a bigger audience.  Your list of things going on as part of, or aside to the Big Parade:

  • Pasadena Star News reports Metro will offer free Gold Line rides to Pasadena
  • reports Parade Camping Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Visual Artists Guild asks you to turn your back to the Chinese sponsored Olympic Float Gloat in silent protest.  They are also sponsoring contest for best depictions of the protest.
  • Former Pasadena Mayor, Bill Paparian asks you turn your back on the Chinese Gloat in the Pasadena Weekly article “States of Denial”.
  • reports that a not so silent protest against the Iraq War and calling for impeachment of Bush may take place sponsored by the White Rose Coalition
  • Todd Ruiz from Under the Dome recaps the protests in Paradeageddon a nice play on armegeddon.
  • Pasadena Star News reports Duarte’s last fling at float building was this year in “Pavilion’s last fleet“.

More of the Visual Artists Contest after the jump.

Visual Artists Guild is running a TURN YOUR BACK to the Beijing Olympic float Human Rights Photo/Video Contest.
They have some real prizes planned. A grand for the Grand prize winner, $500 for 2nd place, $250 for the 3rd place winner. Added bonus is $50 for 20 honorable mentions. There are rules, short is that what you submit you sign over the rights to the VAG for their use. Entry must be in by 1/11 with the winners announced sometime in February. Contact Ann Lau for the full rules and details via email [email protected]\

“broken rose” art work courtesy the Visual Artists Guild, used with their permission.