New Year’s Eve Festivities

Okay. It’s New Year’s Eve…. Still don’t have a plan???

I’m gonna go against my nature and the potential wrath of MFM (My Fabulous Man) who loves this place as much as me, and give up the most super chill club in Hollywood. It turns on every Saturday night at King King and is called Balance.

They’re putting on a really cool event tonight and my absolutely favorite DJ’s,”Groove Junkies” are playing. I’m bummed cuz I’m out of town and they don’t play often…. and when they do I hate to miss them. But if you love to get your groove on, don’t like attitude and want to have a great time, this club is happening. They serve til 2am, but play til 4, so it’s a blast.

What are YOU doing tonight? Share the love and let us know!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Festivities”

  1. We’ll congregate at the biggest house in the ‘hood, kids in a game room with Wii and guitar hero, the adults elsewhere. Everyone brings munchies, treats and booze and ring in the new year as one giant happy family. Group silliness is my favorite way to bring in a New Year.

  2. King King is my favorite place in LA to go dancing!! That said, where I’m from we think of NYE as “amateur night” and try not to go out. BF and I are escaping to a Santa Barbara B&B for the night. Dinner reservations at the Palace, our favorite SB restaurant.

  3. I’ll be spending my NYE with friends much like Frazgo, with the notable difference that it’ll be the adults who are rocking the Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Good luck to any kid trying to pry those guitars away from us.

  4. I’, listening to a living room full of vietnamese, mexican and white family trying to play quiz games my wife made and guestures to the point of screaming madness (this is when the language cultural barrier gets fun!)in the fine city of El Monte. I just spent a few hours barbecueing carne asada and teriyaki chicken, but came in because i heard a few too many gun shots for my liking. My suegra needs to move farther away from the river and crappy apartments.

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