Countdown to Cab Ride

Los Angeles gets a lot of flack for its crappy taxicab reputation, and rightfully so. They come in a million unrecognizable colors, and you can’t legally hail one anyway. But tonight, aside from the one useful rail line in Los Angeles, it’s all you’ve got.

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You’ll learn about your Bill of Rights as a taxi rider. Did you know you’re legally entitled to a taxi driver that speaks and understands English? You’ll also find that all passengers ride for price of one. has phone numbers for taxis that serve every area from Sylmar to San Pedro. Plus, a handy little map that tells you which number to call by which ‘hood your in.

Tonight, leave the driving to Max.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Cab Ride”

  1. If you aren’t hailing one, good luck getting a cab on New Years Eve. I was at a party in Studio City last year and it took HOURS for someone to get one that actually showed up.

  2. If you’re lucky enough to get a cab–and sober enough to notice–make sure the meter is charging you the accurate rate; KNBC did a report on the notoriety of Los Angeles taxi drivers who overcharge their fares due to lack of knowledge. WeHo News lists the legal maximums for LA, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood.

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