7th Day Of Giving: East LA Community Arts and Mural Program

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Yesterday, El Chavo posted about Giving All Year Long and a person named “Art” commented with a link to ELA CAMP. The East LA Community Arts and Mural Program is “committed to using arts to empower youth and to reclaiming neglected, impoverished, and/or deteriorated neighborhoods by the people of our community.” The program provides creative outlets and inspiring activities for kids while improving neighborhoods with art. (Read their full vision statement here.)

ELA CAMP offers different programs in community murals, youth art projects and neighborhood beautification. Check out some of the photos of the amazing work they’ve done so far here and here.

There is no specific volunteer page but I’m sure you can find out how you can help by contacting
Elwing or Arturo* Gonzalez at (626) 576-1901
or email: [email protected]

Photo from ELA CAMP website depicting one part of the mural painted at the City of Compton Parks and Recreation Department during 2006-2007.

*Hmmm…could this be the same “Art” who left yesterday’s comment?

2 thoughts on “7th Day Of Giving: East LA Community Arts and Mural Program”

  1. Julia you rock!!! And yeah, that “art” is the same me, gracias for the shotout. My pic is in the 1st page(as well as my wife and kids) BTW, that mural is in a pocket of section 8/low income housing in the CPT against the airport. The park is shared (or fought over) by pirus, crips, and Surreno cholos. I got them all to paint with me, as well as about 3 dozen local kids, and it remains tagged today (nothing in that hood remains untagged past 2 weeks), now that’s REAL graffiti abatement. We worked an 8 mural program with 2 dozen Highschool kids from compton, and just about every gang in the city, it was quite a success.

    I used to ascribe to the “my work will speak for itself” notion, but that does not fly in LA, so after the cajoling of many friends I began bragging on urbanist websites and getting in fights about race and classism.

    Anyways, we also give give tours of East and South LA (as well as DTLA) from a geopolitical sociospatial perspective if anyone is interested, we may be doing this as a mobile workshop at next years LA APA conference. Julia, I owe you a Hollenbeck or other mexican delicacy if you are interested.

  2. Happy New Year to you, Art! You are most welcome for the shout out. I was inspired and impressed by the work you do with ELA CAMP so I had to share with everyone. I hope it brings more help to your project.

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