Silver Lake Braces For The Invasion Of The Parking Meters

I spotted ’em first earlier this afternoon on the west side of Glendale Boulevard coming up from Fletcher, and then these this evening on the south side of Sunset Boulevard near Parkman…


The poles themselves are harmless in their present headless state, but it won’t be much longer before that component is attached and once they are woe be them that opt not to feed these hungry beasts. Woe, I say.

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  1. Woe? Not whoa? The only fortunate thing is the rapid rotation of parking on the street. The down side is the little parking lots belonging to small businesses will be full with non-customers vehicles.

  2. If you can afford to live there, dropping
    a few quarters when shopping for kids shoes,
    comic books, and gellato shouldn’t be a big deal….

  3. You can thank a few of the business for the parking meters. They clamed that the meters would save their business (that the only reason no one was buying their over priced crap was that they could not find a place to park they clamed.) Not all the business wanted them, in fact most did not. And none of the residents wanted them. We had over 3000 signatures on petitions, opposing the meters but the city listened to 3 business owners instead.
    After the city approved the meters, the residents on Sandborn and Hyperion South of Sunset requested permit parking. Sandborn now has permit parking and Hyperion will have it in the coming year. Now there will be less parking for the business owners, their employees, their customers and residents on non permit streets. All because of the shortsightedness of a few business owners.

  4. The bummer of having to pay for parking not withstanding, I’m really disappointed that the City is installing these old-school meters rather than the new computerize ATM thing at the ends of the street. They’re probably going to take all these out in a year and replace them anyway. Lame ass bureaucracy.

  5. Well I see someone’s still in the holiday spirit seeing as how easily Dyna wrapped up such a narrow rebuttal in a nice ‘n neat little bow.

    It’s not about the quarters and the gelatos Dyna. It’s about the revenue-hungry city over-exploiting the needs of the few at the expense of the many. Dorit showcases that impact quite nicely. The meters are going to send a percentage of drivers (most of them non-area residents) onto the sidestreets looking for free parking, meaning residents without the benefit of off-street parking or the added bureaucratic layer of permitted parking are potentially going to have to park farther away from their frontdoors.

    The bottom line is it’s all about mo’ money for the city.

    Personally I see the meters as one more good excuse to ride my bike whenever I go shopping anywhere within five miles of where I’m at in Silver Lake. I don’t need no stinking parking spaces.

  6. In the meantime, those headless posts are a real danger to males waking and talking on cell phones at the same time.

    /Watch yer nuts!!!

  7. if people cleaned out their garages and parked their cars in them instead of the street then we wouldn’t have a parking problem. i can’t believe how many of my neighbors’ garages are filled with junk.

  8. whats the big deal? silverlake already has parking meters on hyperion (casita del campo) up to trader joe’s and around the corner to the coffee table. personally i find it very convenient when i am running into coffee table for my morning java. are people seriously strung out over some pocket change?

  9. I’ve always wondered where exactly does the money collected from parking meters GO? Since it’s not a steady or predictable amount, who’s to know if all the quarters make it to wherever they’re supposed to be – and who’s watching???

  10. trixkidz many of us do not have garages. On Hyperion Avenue (between Sunset and Del Mar) of the 116 living units, only 37 have off street parking. We have 4 large apartment buildings on this block (each with 16 units) two of the buildings have 2 to 3 families living in each unit. And each family has at least one car. When the employees of the shop’s and restaurants on Sunset come to work, they also park on the residential streets (now that Eat Well has been closed down by the Health Department, that problem has diminished somewhat). And on weekday mornings and all day on the weekends, we have customers for the coffee house double parking “just for a second” in front of residents cars, residents who now can get to work because some one is blocking them. The coffee house customer returns some ½ hour later to find their car has been vandalized.

    I am happy that our block- Hyperion- that we will get the permit parking and that makes the meters much easier to live with. But what about the other blocks who can’t get permit parking? (we are a Temapery Parking District – meaning it gets renewed each year- and the good people at DOT told us that they can’t establish two parking district next to each other) This is an older neighborhood, built when parking was not an issue.

    When the three businesses on Sunset pushed for the meters, they promised the meter money would build a parking building. Well meter money does go to build parking building, but Sunset Junction would be last on that very long list.

    Meters and permit parking does nothing to increase the supply of parking and it also does nothing to promote non auto means of getting around (like if the meter money would go to fund the Silver Lake DASH, instead of an asessment tax, that would be cool).

    The only up side to all this is now the business on Sunset will need to cater to the people who live with in walking distance, like me and my working class neighbors, not to people who drive over here from the Valley or Westside (Note: I am not dissing the Valley, Westside or those who live there).

  11. I’ve always wondered where exactly does the money collected from parking meters GO? Since it’s not a steady or predictable amount, who’s to know if all the quarters make it to wherever they’re supposed to be – and who’s watching???

  12. I live on lower Sanborn and we do not have permit parking. With all the surrounding streets now permit, our parking now sucks, everything has been pushed to our block.

  13. JS- email Mitch at CD13 [email protected]. he may be able to help you with some sort of permit parking depending how close you are to the current parking district (lik eif you are on the North side of Sunset. Mitch really helped us I hope he cahelp you

  14. dorrie,

    if you live in a place with no parking, then you better start riding the bus – or bike like mr. will. street parking is a public space – neither businesses nor residents own them. i’d never buy a house or rent an apartment without parking because i drive a car. thats life. also, despite all your talk of concern for the community, your own solution – restricted parking for your street alone – has by your own adnmission screwed your neighbors on the next streets out of such a solution. i’m sorry, but that seems very selfish.

  15. well the City set up the means for me owning(if that is what permit parking is) the street, I just followed it. And I do take the bus (rode it to work in Santa Monica this AM) or walk most of the time. Having permit parking means we can leave the car at home (we drive only about once a week or so) and not have to worry about it being parked on Sunset or too far away from the house.

  16. i live on lucile and this is actually one local issue i followed and attended the community meetings since i live on lucile. i have an apartmint and one parking space so i am not using any street parking.

    the silverlake neighborhood council set up a task force to review parking in silverlake and came up with the motion for parking meters. they had several meetings. i attended 2 of them – one was at the old council office where the furniture store is now and the other was the neighborhood council meeting at the local school where they voted to approve the parking meters so i dont think it was some local businesses but the neighborhood council that okayed the parking meters.

  17. the business and Chamber of Commerace brought the idea to the City Council member who then asked the NC to hold meetings and take the vote.
    If you were at the meeting at the old CD13 office, you remember how much the residnet were oppoised to the meters. It was at that meeting the DOT told the residnets to go for the permit parking. And we did, we were added to the already in place TPPD #12.

  18. peeps, this is much ado about nothing. the bigger issue facing silverlake is what happens to the silverlake meadow at the reservoir. most silverlakers want a public park space for all to enjoy. a handful of elitist NIMBYs want to keep it closed to any brown skinned families from the wrong side of Sunset. check out the “Committee to Save Silver Lake’s Reservoir” website for more info. this is a major issue happening now!

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