Mashti Malone Ice Cream…where have you been hiding?


Oh sweet lawd above where has this treat been hiding? Granted I don’t get into the middle of LA as often as I would like, but somehow I missed this one.

Last night was game night at my house.  My cousin Paul not knowing that what I had up my sleeve brought along a quart of Mashti Malone “Rose Water and Ginger” ice cream.  I had planned to use the usual vanilla ice cream with the Tart Tatin.  One taste of that Rose Water and Ginger heaven on a spoon and I dumped the plain vanilla.  What an incredible pairing that was.

He picked up the ice cream at the new Mashti Malone  store in Glendale. Damn…now if they could jump the hills and enter the SGV I’d be totally happy.  A bit more on their locations after the jump.

The locations:

1525 North La Brea Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 9002

Toll free: 866-767-3423

143 N Maryland Avenue

Glendale CA 91206


3 thoughts on “Mashti Malone Ice Cream…where have you been hiding?”

  1. oops…sorry cybele, no slight intended. ’04 was way before my time, my only difference is the beg that they move to the SGv.

  2. Yeah, I was gonna say… Mashti Malone’s is very well know, makes lists like LA Weekly’s Best of LA every year… kinda like saying, “Where has The Grove shopping center been hiding?” If everyone knows about it, it’s been hiding right smack dab in the middle of everything…

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