Another protest planned prior to the Rose Parade

In looking for an update on all the activities for the Rose Parade I found this bit on . A group calling itself the “White Rose Coalition” announced that they will hold a march down the parade route about 2 hours prior to the parade to protest the War in Iraq. The group reportedly will split and a portion of them going to City Hall about 2 blocks from the parade route to hold a rally. They report In attendance is rabble rouser Cindy Sheehan.

CBS further reports that Pasadena Police just learned of the protest and are looking into the legality of it all. Interesting is that this same City Hall and Police had no problems turning down a group seeking legal permits to march prior to the parade in protest of China’s Human Rights violations. Wonder how they will handle this one. Pity the Peoples Republic of Pasadena as they have quite the dilema or two on their hands.

I’ll update as information arises.