6th Day Of Giving: Read For The Blind And Dyslexic

The Los Angeles Unit of the RFB&D–Recording For The Blind and Dyslexic–is a “nonprofit organization that serves individuals who cannot read standard print because of a vision, physical or learning disability, by providing them with educational materials in accessible formats.” And they are looking for a few good readers! As they mainly focus on the recording of textbooks, they are looking for volunteers with expertise in math, science, economics and computers, along with other school subjects. (Of course they are happy to have any and all enthusiastic volunteers.) Each recording session is two hours long and each reader is paired with a director who is responsible for the actual recording. The RFB&D asks for a minimum of two hours a week and are open on evenings and Saturdays to help accommodate tricky schedules. There are three recording studio locations throughout LA, each with it’s own set of hours. (Further afield there are studios in Upland, Santa Ana and Santa Barbara.) Check out their volunteer page for more info.

Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic
5022 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027-6192
Phone: 323-664-5525
or 800-732-TEXT (732-8398) to Volunteer
or 800 499-5525 for Member Services

The Braille Institute in Los Angeles is always looking for volunteers to help with their multitude of services as well. At the moment they need specific help from bilingual folks (spanish and english) as well as someone to help maintain their website. Check out their Volunteering page for more information on the kinds of help they need. And if you are a high school student looking for community service hours or a college student looking for credited internships, check out the Internships and Volunteering for Students page.

Braille Institute/Los Angeles Sight Center
741 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone: (323) 663-1111
E-mail: [email protected]

2 thoughts on “6th Day Of Giving: Read For The Blind And Dyslexic”

  1. Julia,

    You are to be commended for sharing this with b/la. The gift of sight is something that too many of us take for granted. I hope that many who are fortunate enough to see the links in your post will click on them, furthering their own lives as they enrich others.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. I used to read at the Upland branch a good ten years ago. Since I’ve moved westward I’ve always intended to check out the Hollywood branch… and never have! Thanks for the links and the reminder.

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