I Love LA

Just got back from London and….ohhh how I love Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong. London is super fab and every time I go there, I find new reasons to appreciate it, but there just isn’t the sizzle LA seems to move to. Not to mention the weather.

You forget how blessed we are to live in LA until you leave and have to endure freezing rain, cold wind and diesel exhaust on the crowded city streets. No matter how hard the wind blows, or how violently the earth shakes, LA is simply a paradise.

One thing, though, that is notably different is how disconnected we are in LA from international world events. From the press coverage, to ordinary conversations, there is a heightened awareness of world politics, the economy and events in London that you just don’t find commonlace in Los Angeles. Yes, I know, star gossip rags were invented in England, but they don’t seem to have the same importance or placement we give them here.

Anyway, I missed LA’s bleached blonde hair and big tits and am glad to be back amid the palm trees.

3 thoughts on “I Love LA”

  1. Last year while travelling through India and Australia I was surprised to see how much international news was part of everyday life. Living in LA where Britney stealing a lighter is big news it made me realize how isolated we are from the rest of the world. Even the Spanish news (telemundo and univision) has more international news.

    Needless to say even though I have had the chance to travel a bit I still can’t imagine calling anywhere other than LA home – earthquakes and all.

  2. Ummm…anyone who says people in Los Angeles have no connection to world events is OBVIOUSLY someone who doesn’t know someone who is an immigrant…And yes, they count as people too.

  3. I suppose there is something to be said for a good city sizzle but I prefer the pop and snap of a good underground wine bar, amazing history, and significantly more diverse population.

    LA has the weather going for it, but sunny and nice gets old and boring after a few years. I’ll admit though, I tend to learn more about current US events from BBCA.

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