Fifth Day Of Giving: Volunteer At The Glendale Humane Society

If kids and horses (see yesterday’s giving post) are not quite up your volunteer alley, perhaps cats and dogs are more your speed. The Glendale Humane Society is looking for volunteers to help walk dogs and socialize cats in their facility. You can also help in their front office, foster animals, and help at special events. The GHS is a no-kill facility and all animals will remain in their shelter until placed with loving families. If you are interested, please click onto their Become a Volunteer page for orientation schedules and other volunteering opportunities.

You can also donate to the shelter and help them pay for things they need every month like raw bones and stuffed toys to keep the dogs active and healthy. Cats need “kitty condos” to nap and play, along with toys and treats. You can also donate to specific pet needs listed on the GHS home page.

Glendale Humane Society
717 W. Ivy Street
Glendale, CA 91204
Tel: 818-242-1128
Email: [email protected]

Gracie and Ansel would like to talk to you after the jump.

Just to tempt you to help further, Gracie (the lab) and Ansel (sweet kitty) want to ask you to please help out however you can.

And by the way, both are available for adoption…

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  1. I toured this facility with Kathy Kinney once for a story. I adore this shelter. They’ve got a kitten room that will just totally beat you into cute-stricken silence.

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