5th Day of Giving : Supporting our Public Schools

What better way to give a gift that will keep growing than to support our Public Schools? No matter what the criticism of the various schools may be, in the end all we want is to give our kids the best education we can. By partnering with the schools you are helping to open their minds to all that is out there for them to explore beyond what you do at home.

There are so many ways. I can say “no” to some new widget or whatever when we are shopping with the kids. They know I can’t say “no” to a book. As a result their rooms are overflowing. What do we do with the ones they outgrow? Donate them to the schools. This box of books is due to hit Wild Rose Elementary after the first of the year.

Books are a big deal for the libaries at the public schools. They don’t have a lot of acquistion money for new books and welcome your well loved editions. Contact your school and find their needs and requirements.

Check with your kid’s teachers, many of them have submitted a “wish list” of books they would like to add to their classroom. If you have a spare buck or two…buy them for the classroom.

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Not interested in the PTA but still want to help support the schools in the community? Pasadena parents got together and started their own group to support their schools. Their group Pasadena Education Network helps connect families and schools. They even inspired a group of parents here in my corner of La to found the Monrovia Parent Network . Both of which are there to support the schools, the parents and help others see the benefits of our public schools. If your school or district doesn’t have a group, start one.

Don’t think you have enough time to spend an evening with the PTA planning projects but still want to help? PTA’s usually have all sorts of projects on the books, some of it is to buy and build items for the school to supplement what the district can’t afford. Check with your employer about their corporate giving program they may be able to help with funding if not just to it outright.

Years ago when I was a cube dweller I got my employer to buy a set of outdoor activity tables that Wild Rose PTA wanted to get for the kindergartners. A couple of quick forms I filled out for them, got the teacher and PTA to sign, then voila project completed and the PTA could devote more time and energy to their other projects.

If you have more info on how to support your public schools…toss it up here in the comments.

2 thoughts on “5th Day of Giving : Supporting our Public Schools”

  1. School librarys can also use volunteer readers. cheek out http://www.wonderofreading.org. Or if you only have a day to give, how about volunteering to cleen up arond the school? The schools do a good job of cleaning the school gronds, but no one ever cleans the sidewalks arond the school. Or if givning money is your thing, you can give to the school or the schools booster club.

  2. I neglected to add this shameless plug for my daughters public school, Micheltorena Street School, in Silver Lake. Over the summer, a group of parents and teachers started a booster club, Friends of Micheltorena Street School (FOM) to raise money LAUSD, the state and the feds are no longer giving to the schools (no longer giving Micheltorena because are test scores are going up and because, thanks to our wonderful teachers, are formerly non English speaking students are non speaking English. We have been penalized for doing well). Thanks to the good people at Community Partners, we are now a non profit able to accept donations. So if you are looking for a tax write off for 2007, please go to http://communitypartners.org/donate.html and pick how you would like to donate, on line or send in a check. Thanks in advanced if you choose to donate to Friend of Micheltorena Street School.

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