The Fourth Day Of Giving: Ahead With Horses

Ahead With Horses is looking for volunteers to help disabled and disadvantaged children who receive developmental therapy lessons on horseback. If you love kids and you love horses, here is a way to enjoy both. And if you need celebrity associations, then I’ll tell you that William Shatner is involved with this program. That’s right, The Shat himself.

The developmental therapy program uses vaulting — gymnastics on horseback — “to provide measurable improvement physically, mentally, socially and/or emotionally resulting in increased self-sufficiency and the ability to lead better and more independent and productive lives.” Children who may not have walked or even spoken do so after working with the horses and trainers. Ahead With Horses works with over 200 children each week. The program encourages high school students to volunteer and will provide hours earned for community service.

Contact Jennifer at 818-767-6373 for more information.
Ahead With Horses
9311 Del Arroyo Dr.
Sun Valley
See their website for more information and great photos of past events.