My favorite LA Icon

hollywoodsignHDRtmvppub.jpgYesterday was a perfect day to be out and about.  I opted to hit the freeways for the Griffith Park Observatory for my first visit in maybe 10 years.  I forgot what a terrific view of the Hollywood sign you get from there.  It still is my most favorite iconic landmark in Los Angeles, closely followed by the ever popular palm tree lined boulevard’s.

What is your favorite LA Landmark or Icon?  Why?

Pic by me shot 3 frames bracketed using the Photomatix HDR generation and tonemapping software.  Final image prepped with Virtual Photographer for that old timey post card look. Gets a bit bigger with a click.

14 thoughts on “My favorite LA Icon”

  1. The Santa Monica Pier because I like the way it retains a flavor of the past without looking sadly dated.

    I also like the Hollywood sign; it’s unique.

  2. It would have to be the Watts Towers of Simon Rodia not simply because they are so beautiful and soul stirring and uplifting to behold, but also because they are in a part of the city where you would least expect to find such art, which stands as a monument to one man’s struggle to persevere in achieving his dream.

  3. A Midwestern 18-year-old clutching a headshot and community theater resume on her way into a casting office.

  4. The view from Point Dume. (The Point itself is not in LA, but much of what you can see from there is.)

    The viewing platform atop San Vicente mountain, once part of a cold-war nuclear anti-aircraft missile fire control and tracking facility, now a public park, from which you can see virtually the whole greater-LA urban area, from the Valley to downtown to Palos Verdes, Catalina island, and Santa Monica Bay.

    The cherry trees of Balboa Park when they’re in bloom.

    The Vincent Thomas Bridge and the cranes of the port, especially at night.

    The Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge in the Sepulveda Basin, especially in wintertime when the Canada Geese are in residence.

    The view from the Universal City overlook on Mulholland, with half the major studios serving as foreground to the nearby Verdugos and the more distant San Gabriels.

    The view from the Hollywood Bowl overlook on Mulholland, with the red-and-white river of the Hollywood Freeway splitting nearby Hollywood, on its way to the towers of downtown.

    The endless, sweeping, lighted vista of the LA peneplain, turning and descending toward downtown on the carpool aerial ramp that connects the WB 105 to the NB 110. (And also, that interchange itself, with its embedded transit station and light-rail line, seen from one of the lower ramps, like the SB 110 -> EB 105 carpool ramp.)

    (What can I say? I’ve been in LA a long time, so I have a lot of favorites. :-) This is just a partial list…)

  5. Chimatli: Where are the Flat Top Hills? I know of a Flat Top Mountain out by Palm Springs, but nothing of that name in LA…

  6. Meh. That’s a weak-ass view of The Sign. Seriously, all you see is a flat-topped mountain with a small white line on top of it. Want a better view? Head to the extreme southwest corner of Griffith Park…

  7. My FAVORITE ICON of Los Angeles is the Skyline when driving from Pasadena toward Glendale on the 134. The US Bank building manages to peak over the hills and there is no mistake of what and where that ICON belongs; yup, that’s Los Angeles.

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