Gimme A Sign: SOS, Indeed

Many of my morning bike commutes bring me south on La Brea from 4th Street to Redondo Boulevard and past this sign for Sense of Style Salon Supply near 8th Street, whose sign always induces a quizzical chuckle. Never minding that SOS is the international distress signal that can be applied to disasters of style and fashion, what I really want to know is what they were going for when they designed the logo. Whatever it was, they didn’t quite nail it because the three letters can be too easily misinterpreted (at least by me) to look like they were handformed from poop.

Sense of Style? Sense of Shit. Time for a makeover.

3 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: SOS, Indeed”

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  2. That ugly font is the official state font of Arizona. Once I pass the Eherenberg on the 10E, my kids and I make a game of finding the trucks adorned with sunshades. 9/10 times we’ll spot the U.S flag in the rear window with the caption…” these colors don’t run”..

    Mullet man and his expired tags can take his shitty sign and drive it all over Sunnyslope.

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