Don’t Drink & Drive in Inglewood

At least, don’t drink & drive in Inglewood tonight, according to the Daily News. There’s a checkpoint. Somewhere. In Inglewood. From 9pm to 3am. Other than that……

“All too often, members of our community are senselessly injured or killed on local roadways by intoxicated or unlicensed drivers,” said Capt. Calvin Aubrey of the CHP’s West Los Angeles area.

“By publicizing our efforts we believe we can deter motorists from drinking and/or unlicensed driving,” he added.

One night = deterence.

Oh, and don’t forget, shooting your gun into the air on New Year’s Eve is bad. Inglewood has a flyer that explains why.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Drink & Drive in Inglewood”

  1. I’m mixed about these things. Yes they are a deterent, but just at the intersection they are putting one up on. The ACLU sued years ago requring the location time to be posted to avoid entrapment issues the surprise element is gone.
    Now all that is accomplished is that the drunks change their normal route and different areas are at higher risk.

    Of course with the location and time publicized I just do a LMOA that some dork got caught when it could have been avoided. In the process the idiot can can count on spending 10-13K in court costs, fines and attorney fees. If that doesn’t deter nothing will.

  2. Some jackass that lived in my neighborhood when I was a kid would always fire his gun into the air on New Year’s. We also had a crazy old lady that would go out onto her porch and bang a pan with a big wooden spoon to mark the occasion.

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