Verizon Thinks You’re a Couch Potato

If you’re not in Times Square to watch that big ball drop on New Year’s Eve, then you are a loser.

That’s what Verizon seems to think.

Whether you’re one of the half a million people in Times Square or sitting on your couch in Los Angeles, you will have the chance to send text messages, pictures, best wishes, or a “will you marry me?” request to Spotlight Live’s 75-foot Jumbotron in Times Square. Messages can be sent from any text-capable phone, from any wireless carrier to 81878 or a pix message to [email protected]

Even if you are sitting on your couch this NYE, I do not think you are a loser. I think you’re probably pretty comfortable, and that you have easy access to a clean bathroom. I think you probably have no cab fare to pay, no last train to catch, and no vomit on your shoes – unless it’s your own.

Have fun couch-texting your East Coast peeps this NYE.

3 thoughts on “Verizon Thinks You’re a Couch Potato”

  1. Image…”LA Rocks… blow”. I can hear the cheer rise already.

    Seriously they really think I’m staying home and watching TV?

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