The Third Day Of Giving: Donate Blood and/or Platelets

When was the last time you donated blood? Was it after Katrina? After 9/11? Every three seconds, someone needs blood, not just during major emergencies. Make it a point to schedule blood donation throughout the year if you can. You can sign up for email reminders to schedule your next donations. On the Westside, the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center in Westwood is open six days a week to receive your blood or platelets and if you like Diddy Reese cookies, you are in luck — they are your post donation treat, along with grape, apple and orange juice. And check out their current contests and promotions you could win a trip to Fiji just for donating! Talk about good instant karma.

Check out where to donate throughout Los Angeles with the American Red Cross site. It will help you locate blood drives and blood donation centers near you.

If you are afraid of needles or have some other reason why you can’t donate blood or platelets, please, at the very least, make sure you are an organ and tissue donor. There are so many people waiting for organs who desperately need them. If you are concerned about your legacy and how you might be remembered after you are gone, organ donation is the most brilliant and beautiful legacy of all. Please sign up to be an organ donor right now.

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  1. check and check. i did my christmas day platelet donation and it was BUSY. very happy that i’m now able to donate again thanks to the single needle machines!!!

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