Rose Parade and Bowl congestion relief

ddrose.jpg In 4 short days the entire world not glued to their TV’s will show up and pack in Pasadena and the SGV for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. Traffic isn’t pretty on a good day, the period starting NYE until after the Bowl game is our hell to endure for about 24 hours.

There is some relief from the traffic AND some DUI avoidance as well. The Pasadena Star News ran the announcement of free METRO rides NYE as well as some great tips on parking and getting to things via shuttles. Their article Metro will offer free Gold Line rides to Pasadena ran this morning. Now take the train damnit so I can get out of my house too!

Pic by me of “double delight”, get’s a bigger with a quick left click.

3 thoughts on “Rose Parade and Bowl congestion relief”

  1. I’d just be happy if I never had to look at a farking RV parked out front in Pasadena ever again. Alas, Pasadena hands them permits and then adds them to the “community watch” whilst they make it a real bitch for those of us who live here to maneuver around our own very narrow streets.

  2. “farking”?

    Seriously…they hand out permits to RV’ers? I live in Monrovia and my teens wanted me to rent an RV so we can park in the parade route. I figured the city must charge a leg, arm and left nut to park for NYE. Who would have thought. No worries…did the parade once, from now on I’ll wait and catch it on a rerun in the afternoon.

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