Former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto assassinated is on high alert after Benazir Bhutto was shot and killed a few hours ago while attending a political rally. The former prime minister had recently returned to the country after ten years in exile, and was planning to run again for the prime minister position in elections scheduled for January 8th.

After Bhutto was shot, a blast from a suicide bomber killed over 20 people.

The resulting chaos is impacting residents in cities covered by our sister sites in Pakistan. From Metroblogging Karachi:

Karachi appears to be in a grip of unprecedented panic right now. There is obvious panic and everyone is shocked. As the offices get closed down, people are rushing to their homes in anticipation of protests.

Metroblogging Lahore urges residents to stay at home:

Or just stay wherever you are. The situation may get worse outside with people burning anything they come up with.

Metroblogging Islamabad is also covering the tragedy and its aftermath.

…photo from Wikipedia, used under Creative Commons…

8 thoughts on “Former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto assassinated”

  1. Bloggers are a force to be reckoned with…this group put up some very interesting and different stuff the last time there was such a big problem there. Metroblogging is everywhere. Wish that group well.

  2. Wonderful that you have sources to draw upon in Pakistan. Thank you for the quick reporting. May Pakistan survive this tragedy without more bloodshed.

    In your haste, you lost control of your grammar: “After being shot, a blast from a suicide bomber killed over 20 people.” That’s what’s known as a dangling modifier. I know, picky picky. Understandable given the urgency.

  3. All our best to the bloggers–and all the citizens–of Pakistan right now.

    It’s one thing to blog in LA about the damn wind or tourists or gentrification…may Pakistan’s only worries be such benign things, as soon as possible.

  4. You’re all done up properly now. Thanks! Next we can put our attention back on world destabilization, nukes falling into the hands of Warziristan tribal leaders and other dangling issues.

  5. Not that this makes it much better, but I heard on the news this morning that she was killed by shrapnel from the suicide bombing, not shot by an assassin.

  6. Hmm, Wikipedia says it was both, although it was the shrapnel which killed her, not the bullet.

  7. The newest report from CNN says it was neither. A Pakistani official says she was killed by hitting her head against the sunroof she was standing in while rushing to duck after the explosion.

    Perhaps I should have included verbage such as “early report are that” or something like that. Alas, I was banging that out between packing and layovers.

    But never, ever, ever, ever look to Wikipedia for breaking news details. Since so many people are trying to update the page at the same time, its becomes a free for all, especially since not everyone has the most up to date news, others are relying on rumor, and another subset are taking advantage of the pages attention and pulling pranks or outright page vandalism.

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