What does this mean?

Spotted this at the grocery store. The plate frame says “P-Bal in the Mouth”. My son (the 9th grader) said it means the same as teabagging. Of course his coming up with that raised a few eye brows. The Urban Dictionary didn’t have a direct match. Is this a case of Motorist: 1, the DMV Editors:0?

Pic by me with the trusty cell phone camera, get’s a tidge bigger but all you see is the pocket lint better.

5 thoughts on “What does this mean?”

  1. I thought that too until I saw the frame…why on earth would you want a paint ball in your mouth? I thought the face gear protected you. Hence my questioning it.

  2. If it’s paintball in your mouth, it could mean the same as “in your face,” used in basketball..
    The face gear doesn’t protect you entirely. if the paintball breaks on the mask, some of the paint will get on your mouth. But I’m skeptical that it means paintball..

  3. let’s not forget to mention that duder there is driving a mustang! it’s not just his plate that exudes “class.”

    it also kind of exudes “date rapist”

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