This Dude Josh Richman Effing Nails It

bens%20pic%20from%20getty.jpgIn the LAT Opinion section, a cross-section of local writers wax poetic about how to make LA better. From exhortations to support “feral” arts orgs like the Velaslavasay Panorama and Machine Project, to getting people to quit gabbing loudly on their cellphones, to bitching [har har] about yoga instructors bringing their dogs to Starbucks, there’s some good ideas in here (and a few that seem hopelessly ingenuous). But Josh Richman hits the nail on the head, summing up in a few terse words what I’ve always tried to communicate about this city that I love like a sister:

Learn to love the authentic

“Our city sags beneath a unique burden: hundreds of thousands of fame-seekers who project their rejections onto the city itself. Instead of blaming or shaming it, those who migrate here should make the effort to get to know Los Angeles.

Go take deep breaths of our much-maligned air and stand in line for a hot dog at Pink’s, or wait for a seat at the Apple Pan. Put the BlackBerry on silent and see an old movie at the New Beverly. Get to Yamashiro or Olivera Street or the Farmer’s Market before each is drained of its charisma. Drive from a mountain to the beach in 35 minutes and appreciate that you’re on the last thick line on the map before Hawaii.

If you’re from here, don’t forget to spend some time falling in love again with the humble gems that haven’t succumbed to cultural cannibalism. We need them to fill the eyes, ears, mouths and minds of those new arrivals who may not know how to thrive like an Angeleno yet.”

Apparently Josh Richman is co-founder of nightlife company The Alliance, promoting parties at the Roosevelt and other hip nightspots. Seriously, dude, if a brain like yours throws a party, it can’t suck.

Photo by Benjamin Simpson, one of my fave portraitists of LA.

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