Glendora USD loses 2nd suit over deaf student aid

The Pasadena Star News has the full story “2nd deaf student wins lawsuit” HERE. Short version is that twins Victor Solorzano and Samantha Solorzano deaf since birth, had to sue Glendora USD here in far east LA Metro to get real time captioning to help them keep up with the fast pace of high school instruction. Samantha won her suit in May only to have GUSD appeal the decision in Federal Court. The article is unclear why in October GUSD dropped their appeal. Could it be that they saw the direction Victor’s suit was going and decided their appeals was more money after bad? The article indicates that GUSD is contemplating an appeal on Victor’s suit.

I just wonder if the cost of all the litigation exceeds the $60K cost to ensure these kids have an even chance in the classroom compared to nonimpaired students.