2nd Day Of Giving: Public Radio Pledge Drives


Do you listen to NPR in Los Angeles? Then I know you listen to either KCRW or KPCC or both. You have to have your news and excellent local programming plus Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and Le Show and who could live without This American Life? But do you find yourself groaning and switching stations when the pledge drives come along? Well, here’s a way to embrace the pledge drive: Be a part of it.

KCRW in Santa Monica and KPCC in Pasadena both need volunteers when it is time for their twice yearly pledge drives. KCRW’s Winter Sign-Up drive starts January 25th and runs until February 4. They need volunteers to answer the phones and take pledges. There is always free food and drink, the staff is friendly and fun and full of energy and when you volunteer, you get so into it that it’s actually fun to listen to the pledge drive when you are not there! (This happened to me a few years ago when I volunteered — I become invested in the outcome, I needed to know what number they were up to!)
KPCC’s drive is later in the spring and I’m sure the there is camaraderie to be had there too. Sign up here for KCRW. And sign up here for KPCC.

If you can’t make the time to volunteer, at least become a member (if you aren’t already) to one or the other to support the high quality programming they put out. If you have listened for years and have never joined, make it priority to do so in the 08.

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