The First Day of Giving: Give Your Hair

People lose their hair for many medical reasons. The reason we all think of most often is cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment. There is also a condition called Alopecia Areata that over 5 million adults and children in the US have. No matter how it happens, losing your hair can be traumatic, especially if you are a kid. (My mom first got Alopecia when she was 13–all her hair fell out. Can you imagine already feeling like a weirdo at 13 and then losing your hair? Nightmare.)

Locks of Love is a national organization that helps disadvantaged kids get free human hair wigs while they are in the middle of any kind of medical hair loss. You can donate your hair and send it to them and they will have wigs made and give them to the kids so they can get their confidence back. Donating is easy if your locks meet the requirements. Check their Donations Page to see if you can donate.

Pantene hair products are also donating human hair wigs specifically for cancer patients who have lost their hair. You might have seen Hilary Swank cutting 8 inches of her hair on Oprah for this hair drive. Read more about how this program works and who has benefitted.

If you’ve been putting off a haircut and you meet the required lengths to donate, consider one of the above hair donation groups. Or if your hair is not quite long enough, consider not cutting it for the year and then donating later. Think how stunning you will look and how good you will feel in a fresh shorter haircut after donating!

The photo is from a Presbyterian Chruch in Arlington, Virginia. They have a couple of interesting ways they support their community and world.

4 thoughts on “The First Day of Giving: Give Your Hair”

  1. i just cut off 10 inches on friday. sending off to locks of love this week. feels great and my new ‘do is just what i needed!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Pantene hair donation program as well. I wasn’t aware of it and although I have donated to Locks of Love once before I was looking for an alternative. I’m sure they are a great organization but I also came across some articles questioning what they were doing with the tons of hair being donated since they only issued a relatively small number of wigs each year. Perhaps someone has more insight/facts on this. I just came across the articles when searching google for Locks of Love.

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