Little Country Church of Hollywood Burns

I wish I had more time to research but here’s the bit that came across a feed for David Markland who is points east celebrating the Holidays with his family. (I’m between family events and just have a short bit of time to put this up).
This from”
*Structure Fire* 1750 N. Argyle Av.; TG 593-F4; FS 27, 2 story church fully involved with fire. No reported injuries at this time. Additional companies requested.; Ch:7,12 @ -d’Lisa Davies###
LAFD_ALERT messages are *not* official instructions or authorization to take action. We do not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of LAFD_ALERTs.

CBS2 also has a bit HERE.

If you are in the area drop some hot cocoa to the Fire Dept as a quick thanks for working while the rest of us are with our families.

3 thoughts on “Little Country Church of Hollywood Burns”

  1. Interesting link but what do you have to indicate foul play that could stand up as evidence. Am all ears.

  2. The information on the PreserveLA website is inaccurate. The church is NOT a barn. Reverend Hogg, aka Josiah Hopkins was not the first radio minister – it was Paul Rader from Chicago area.

    And the property was planned to be a restaurant/event center, not a nightclub. I wish the media would get their information straight.

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