Little Country Church of Hollywood Burns

I wish I had more time to research but here’s the bit that came across a feed for David Markland who is points east celebrating the Holidays with his family. (I’m between family events and just have a short bit of time to put this up).
This from”
*Structure Fire* 1750 N. Argyle Av.; TG 593-F4; FS 27, 2 story church fully involved with fire. No reported injuries at this time. Additional companies requested.; Ch:7,12 @ -d’Lisa Davies###
LAFD_ALERT messages are *not* official instructions or authorization to take action. We do not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of LAFD_ALERTs.

CBS2 also has a bit HERE.

If you are in the area drop some hot cocoa to the Fire Dept as a quick thanks for working while the rest of us are with our families.

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  1. The information on the PreserveLA website is inaccurate. The church is NOT a barn. Reverend Hogg, aka Josiah Hopkins was not the first radio minister – it was Paul Rader from Chicago area.

    And the property was planned to be a restaurant/event center, not a nightclub. I wish the media would get their information straight.

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