Report From LAX (Terminal 7)


The FAA Delay website for Los Angeles International Airport reports that due to weather, delays from LAX are as follows:
Newark: 3-4 hours
JFK: 3-4 hours
Minneapolis/St. Paul: 1-2 hours
Chicago Ohare: 1-2 hours

It is 2:30ish pm on Sunday, December 23 (also called Christmas Adam). My flight was supposed to depart at 2:30 (LAX to DFW) but it is delayed until 4:05pm, therefore I blog. What amazes me is that the drive coming into LAX around 12:30pm was effortless and traffic in the departure areas practically empty so unloading at Terminal 7 was a snap. I had checked in online yesterday afternoon so only had to go to the bag check-in kiosk and sorry David, then went to the faster line at security. I’m not flying business class but since I have “premiere status” from flying so much for work, I got to go through quickly, only to discover my flight is delayed. Oh well.

Obviously, check with your airline directly for any possible delays to your flights. Be prepared for delays, bring lots to read and do. If you are here and you see a woman in terminal 7 with a Santa hat on, it could be me…


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  1. How cute you are in your Santa hat. For my part, I am commenting thanks to the free wireless at McCarren Airport (aka Las Vegas) where I have been for what feels like a lifetime. Left LAX at 11:30 on a flight scheduled to depart at 9:45. Was promised by US Air that they had rebooked me since I would miss my connection. What they failed to mention was that the rebooking was for a flight leaving Vegas tomorrow. Deep sigh. Long story short, I am due in to Orlando at 6am. I wish I had remembered my Santa hat. It will be a miracle if the boxes of Sees make it to Florida unmolested.

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