Gifts for the D.I.C.Ks in my ‘hood

xmasdicks.jpg What do you do with 30 lbs of chocolate, 10 lbs of butter, sparkly sugar and such when your neighborhood friends are workaholic D.I.C.Ks…Dual Income Coupla Kids? For me its easy.

As they rarely have time to do the holiday baking and candy making, I grab my supplies and start baking and candy making with my kids. In the end all I do is get a gift bag and fill it up with all sorts of baked goodies like peanut butter swirl cookies, Stupid EasyFudge,and hot cocoa mix for the kidlets. I round it off with gift cards to California Wine and Cheese to make sure they get a “date night” tossed in and voila, my gifts to them are done.

What do you do for your special friends in your ‘hood?

Pic by me, get’s bigger with a click and a little elfin magic.

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