Sweet jeeeeebus how’s that for a holiday card?

hillarycard.jpg Oh sweet lord on the heels of our own Travis’s post on her blog titled:
“What the hell is Jesus doing in the House of Representatives?” on 12/12 this card shows up. Is it coincidence that I got my primary ballot info yesterday and this is Hillary’s attempt to court the center and religous voters? Is it meant to be humorous? (Personally I’d be all over it if she were in dominatrix drag, standing over the Hollywood sign, as it would better show her standing over the others in the primary as well as how she’s pimped herself out for donations here.). What ever the intent may be, it is going to be an exciting election year.

The inside greeting said “I thought this would look great on your mantle”. Ha….send that to one of the Red State relatives and watch the reaction. Could be entertaining, n’est ce pas?

Found it at target, grabbed the pic with the trusty cell phone. A quick click will make it bigger about as fast as a hard core conservatives without sense of humor blood pressure.