Peeps for my hot cocoa

peepssnowman.jpg It’s a bit nipply out, not the subzero when I was a kid in the UP bit still my tootsies are cold and I need a warm up. During the winter months our treet before bed was hot cocoa with marshmallows or marshamallow creme. Where were these Peeps when I was little and would have liked that little extra cheer? On sale now at Target in the holiday candy aisle for 99cents.

Pic by me with the cell phone, quick click and some elfin magic makes it grow to its full size.

6 thoughts on “Peeps for my hot cocoa”

  1. I love this. You can play morbid “kill the snowman” games over cocoa. Mr Snowman says, “I’m meeellllltttttinnngggg….”

  2. I meant exactly what I typed…it get’s cold and everyone get’s all nipply. There is a lot more action out here in outer monrovia than you think.

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