Last-minute gifties: Eye-charring, lowbrow art
“Art’s Triumph Over Substance”

One of my favorite Angelenos – the scorchingly talented painter, comix pioneer and Juxtapoz founder/publisher, Robert Williams has finally got hisself a website.

If, like me, you first stumbled on Williams at the seminal 1992 Helter-Skelter group show at MOCA, you had the queasy frisson of seeing his stuff life-sized and full-blown.

The new site sells his books – which usually do a pretty good job of reproducing the real (and now, of course, very high-priced thing).

But it might be faster to just hie yourself to Wacko, Meltdown, Golden Apple, Virgin Megastore or Hennessy + Ingalls and see if you can snag one of ’em in time to get it under the tree …

Williams’ stuff is allegorical, hallucinotheric, bright, intricate, ugly, gorgeous and totally NSFW, NSFKids and generally NS, which – coupled with his extraordinary brush skillz – makes it easy to love/loathe and generally get worked up over, as the few samples on the site will show you.

Two niggling gripes on the site itself:

The “Gallery” section is painfully small (barely two dozen works) and the images aren’t presented nearly large or finely-detailed enough to appreciate Williams’ eye-candy vortex, but maybe that’s by design, to thwart piracy.

Also, the site is Flash-based, sadly, so I can’t give you links to much of anything other than the home page.

But hey, you could find worse ways to fritter away your last Friday at work before our annual great American nog-fueled consumerist debauch than by swimming in the deep end of the visual gene pool.

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