It Caught My Eye: Vendor @ 23rd & Union

Snapped through the dirty windshield of my truck yesterday afternoon. Your mileage may vary, but there was something about the ominous larger-than-life tag backdropping the colorful Katamari Damancisity of the vendor that made me helpless to keep my camera down (click to triplify).

10 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Vendor @ 23rd & Union”

  1. The stark sidewalk, the foreboding backdrop of graffiti and the stooped posture of a faceless figure burdened with objects usually associated with weightlessness (balloons and cotton candy or feather dusters).

    Poetry in pixels.

  2. Great shot! Never has one picture captured more of L.A. than this. That guy is living the American dream in one of the hardest cities in the world.

    Merry Christmas, inflatable salesman.

  3. That pic is so LA it has a dodgers symbol tattooed on the back of its head, its a spanish speaking korean who lives off of 6th.

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